My session at SharePoint Saturday Madrid

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to speak at SharePoint Saturday Madrid. You can find here all the materials used for the presentation: the presentation slides and the video recording. On the slides, you can find links to the relevant resources and also a link to my GitHub repository that contains a working version of the demo, and also a guide in case you want to recreate the demo yourself.

First, a special thanks to the organizers for giving me the change. It really was a pleasure to be part of such an amazing event. Everything was very well organised: constant updates during the days before the conference, speakers activities the day before (unfortunately my flight was delayed and I missed the first one), an easy and quick way to gain access to the venue, excellent facilities, food, drinks, and the list goes on…

Now back to the session. Unfortunately, the recording had some minor sound problems which were probably caused by how I positioned the microphone. I really hope these are not a major problem for you and that you can still understand its contents.

The presentation slides and recording are available below. If you would like to try the demo, you will find all the information on my GitHub repository: it contains a “final” folder with a working version and also a “start” folder that contains a guide to walk you through the demo steps.

Hope you find this useful! Use the comments below for any feedback.



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