Update metadata on SharePoint documents and folders

If you have SharePoint managed metadata terms being used in document libraries and you decide to rename the label of a term, you can easily do so in the term store and wait for the change to propagate to your documents. But what if you want to update all documents that use a specific term to a different term that already exists? The following script will to the job for you.

Send items to second-stage SharePoint recycle bin

SharePoint recycle bin

When a document or folder is deleted in SharePoint, it goes to the first-stage (site) recycle bin. After some time, it is moved to the second-stage recycle bin where it stays for another period before being completely deleted. If you are running a script to delete a very large number of documents, you may consider sending the items straight to the second-level recycle bin. This will prevent "flooding" the first-stage recycle bin with items, which would make the recycle bin hard to use for manually restoring deleted items.