No-code modern SharePoint site redirect

In classic SharePoint sites, it was possible to redirect users to a different site using a few different approaches. But modern SharePoint sites are more restrictive (for good) and offer different features that require different approaches.
Fortunately, if you need to redirect users when they try to access the homepage of a specific site, this can be easily achieved using a simple no-code solution.

I asked the question on Twitter to try to understand what other people were doing and Mahmoud Hassan came up with this great suggestion. Kudos to him!

News link for site redirect

The solution for modern SharePoint site redirect basically consists in creating a News link to the target site and set the News link as the homepage of the site. When users try to access the site (homepage), they get immediately redirected.

On a modern site, you can easily create a News link from the New menu on the site

News link

Or from the Add menu on the News web part

News link

Provide the URL to the target site that you want to redirect users to, and a Title for the page.

News link

Next, simply access the Site Pages library, right-click on the newly created item, and make it the site homepage. It’s that simple!

default homepage

Classic sites

But what if the site is a classic site? Well, you can still use the same approach as it’s so simple.
But how do you create a News link on a classic site?

Simply create a new modern page on the site, add the News web part to it and click on the Add menu

News link

7 Replies to “No-code modern SharePoint site redirect”

  1. What URL do you use for the news link?
    When I use the main site link, it fails to redirect with errors.

  2. Thank you so much. I spent the last hour trying to do a simple redirect using a webpart page but only to find out you cannot enable the script webpart using the Set-SPOSite -DenyAddAndCustomizePages as it does not work on modern sites – even though Microsoft docs still shows it does. Love this simplicity of your approach!

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