SPFx Workbench Customizer


With SharePoint Framework, Microsoft also introduced a really good development story for creating custom web parts: the Workbench page. This page is not only available when you are developing solutions locally, but also on a SharePoint site. This gives you the option to access data on a SharePoint site from code running on your machine. Let's be honest, it's great! But it dies have some limitations...

Using pnpm with SPFx 1.6.0

When you create a new SharePoint Framework project, you have the option to use different package managers: npm, pnpm or yarn. For a long time, I completely ignored this and just used npm. Npm is the slowest option from the list above, but it didn't really matter as I was installing packages once a week or so. But this is not the case anymore. Simple processes, like upgrading your existing solutions to newer versions of the SharePoint Framework can make you go through that process more times than desired.